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Global patient value story

How do we identify the patients who can best benefit from our product?



How do we identify the Parkinson’s patients who can best benefit from our product and then develop a value story that makes it easy for physicians to identify and treat them?



Parkinson’s is a condition with limited guidelines around treatment sequencing across the progression of the disease. Treatment decisions (in monotherapy or combination) are often made at an individual level, with inconsistency across markets and patient types.

Identifying the right treatment approach for patients based on their clinical and subjective needs is a challenge for physicians.



We used the Growth Map to identify different segments of patients based on a number of clinical and subjective factors. We overlaid the commercial context based on current prescriptions, future market entrants and brand perception, to identify the patients who could best benefit from our client’s product.

To build the Growth Map, we ran qualitative interviews with physicians, followed by a robust quantitative study with patients and caregivers. 

Building on the prioritised segment, we ran a further multi-market qualitative study with patients and physicians to inform a set of detailed, descriptive patient case studies.

These were provided to internal teams to drive consistency in how they spoke about patients and to physicians through the sales force to enable them to better identify patients.

We co-created a value story for the brand with patients and physicians, based on the patient profiles.

This informed a repositioning and refined set of value messages that were embedded into the organisation through collaborative workshops and interactive tools. 

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